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Hi Kenda,
Still have a big ol grin on my face this morning. Friday night was fun. I just want you to know how happy I am we decided to have to you train Bizi, Houdini, David and me. You gave us more than the basics and inspired us to continue and it has paid off. We will continue to work hard to improve. Thank you for your continued support. I wish you the greatest success in your career. I can’t think of anyone that deserves it more. Just remember that whatever obstacle you have to deal with, you have the talent and the strength to overcome and prevail. Not to mention all your friends and supporters that stand behind you. On the way home David said he wished it would have been different on that last go, but the most important thing to him was Houdini’s performance.
Love you the most,

Hi Kenda,
Thanks again for giving Betty (and me) a bit of training this past weekend in Moses Lake. It never ceases to amaze me that someone as famous and busy as you are, takes the time to help out a novice like me, but then that’s why you are so great and wonderful. I really do appreciate it!!!!!!!!!
The best of luck in Texas. I hope you and Justin win it all. I’ll be keeping tabs on you all via computer. Take care and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!! Julie
Hi Kenda-
We want to thank you again for our wonderful trip to Arizona!! We had so much fun and learned so much about the whole sport, mounted shooting. What a blast. We will definitely do it again with you. Thanks again for the wonderful experience. I loved it!
Amy C. – California

Hi Kenda,
Hope all is well with you and the rest of the gang in Arizona. We have to thank you again, we are achieving our goals much quicker than anticipated.
I actually saw fear in the eyes of local club members after a smoking 17 second run on the stage you always make us practice; Two gates, one on either side of the rundown. When we watched them set that up, we just smiled. We knew something the rest of those people didn’t, we had been to the KL boot camp! We opened up a can o whoop ass. Those folks just sat there on their horses with mouths wide open, thinking “where did these two come from”.
We have not seen or talked to many of these people since you got our horse back in December. Today’s goal was to be good students and a great advertisement for you. Trust me when say we earned gold stars today. THANKS A MILLION!
Hope to get back out to AZ. soon before you head north.
Huge thanks

“Kenda has work ethics like no other horse trainer I’ve ever met and she truly loves her job. Our horse, Snoot, just floats thru the patterns with ease.
Thanks, Kenda!”
Mike and Jan Lukenbill, Clyde Park, Montana

Hi Kenda,
Thank you so much for all the time and training you have put into Bizi. I know it is your job but, you have no idea how happy I am with the progress I see. It would have taken me years to do what you have done in a few months. Although I miss my boy, it was worth it just watching the videos to see how far he has come. I have no more excuses now that I have a shooting horse! See you in March.
Suzanne – Vernonia, Oregon

Dear Kenda,
I wanted to thank you for the clinic I attended down in Olympia this last Saturday.
I now know what guns & holsters to buy thanks to you! And I feel like I can go out and do this with out looking like a total fool. You gave me the confidence to want to compete at the shoot in Cashmere next month. Thank you again for you time and expertise, it was greatly appreciated!
Melissa Sigears
Stanwood, WA.

Good evening Kenda,
 I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge on mounted shooting with me. I left for North Carolina to shoot on sat. and sun. I did not have much time to practice what you taught me but I think it sank in cause I won the grand American on sat. and got a win toward a move up. Everyone was complementing me on my turns and shooting. Little did they know that I had just been taught by the best!!!! I will be able to practice more this week before the Delaware shoot.
Thanks again, Ron
 P.S. one more win to level five.
Good morning Kenda,
 Just an update. Your methods and tips are working great, I am so glad you shared them with me. I was at a shoot in North Carolina this weekend and although I didn’t do great on sat.( I missed two ) I shot clean and we were fast on Sunday at the Grand American and moved up to a level five!!!!! THANK YOU KENDA!!!! If I do my job like you showed me everything works great.
See you at Easterns,

Hi Kenda,
Thanks so much again for helping us out last Friday, it’s going soo well with Chance this week. Your the greatest and he’s a pretty fine little horse. I think we’ll do ok this weekend. We have our goals all set out and I repeat them each time prior to doing a run. We’re so proud of you for making a name for yourself as a respected tough woman competitor! I don’t know anyone who works harder than you do and deserve it as much.

Hi K,
I hope this summer is treating you well, and the roads you are traveling are fun and hassle free. THANK YOU again for all your help earlier this year in AZ. I remember the clinic you put together, where you asked all of us to right down are goals. I wrote down what I thought would be some pretty lofty goals. ( To qualify for and win men’s div 1 at worlds ) As I recount my last match, winning a Grand American Overall against a full class of men’s div 4’s. I realize my previous goals will need to be modified. Tell Justin to keep an eye out, my horse is bringing some heat ! ( I’ll give you a few minutes to stop laughing )
All joking aside, many people ask who, how, where, did I come from? I can’t help to grin proudly and say your name. Sometimes I feel as though that I have somehow cheated the Mounted Shooting Gods by training with you, however the wins feel pretty damn good. Sorry Gods! THANKS AGAIN

Hi Kenda,
Hope you are having a successful summer. Just wanted to say “Thank you” for such a great beginners clinic. We really enjoyed it and we learned a lot. We hope to do more in the future. We are trying to budget to buy some real guns, but in the meantime we have been practicing at home with cap guns and working with our horses.
Mark & Frodo

Hi Kenda,
I just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail and tell you thanks again for taking the time to show me some useful exercises for me and my horses. It was very much appreciated.
Hope to see you soon!
Kim (& Starbucks)
Hey Kenda,

Thank you so much for all the time you’ve spent with us. It was a pleasure to get to know you, and we look forward to visiting again sometime. Soon I’m going to get to put to use all the valuable things you taught in your clinic. I know I have work to do, but you’ve given me much to work toward.
Jennifer Key

Hi Kenda,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the clinic you gave in Tennessee just before the Easterns. It really is making a difference by making me realize how I have to not only analyze how to run a pattern but I also must prepare myself mentally to prior to getting into the pen.
I really appreciate the drills that you had us do. I am incorporating them in my practices at home. I just wish we had had more time. If the opportunity exists for me to go to another Kenda clinic I will certainly take advantage. Please keep me in mind in the future if you do any future clinics. Again, I enjoyed it and thanks for putting it on.
Frank Galovic

Thank you for keeping in touch. We had a good time at the clinic. I felt that I learned alot. We were at the state shoot this last weekend. I came in 6th overall. I won my class, and could have won the match. but….. I missed 2 on each of the 2 first stages. I helped range master those 2 stages and did so until I shot. I was not able to do my mental program like I should have and felt that was part of the problem. After those 2 stages, I no longer helped, ran my program and shot clean. I had the 3rd fastest raw time against some tough level 4’s and 5’s. So I am very happy, and looking forward to Amarillo. Jill, well she is working her plan for new boots….See you in a few weeks.

Hi. We both had a great time today! We are so excited and had so much fun. I can’t wait to come back over and ride her again. Unfortunately, I can see the hand writing on the wall and I think Chad and I will be fighting over who gets to ride her.
Your doing great with her and we appreciate all of your hard work! Talk to you soon. Thanks.

I really enjoyed your clinic. It was really an eye opener. I did not know how much I did not know! For example: I never could under stand what the big deal was about changing a lead. I could never under stand why some one would want to do it on the fly! Well, now that I know it applies to the horses feet it makes more sense! Ha,ha. Just joking! Seriously, I never new how to make a horse change his lead, I just thought they always did that automatically. I never even ever discussed that with any one before.
I could not believe the thing about slipping my Thumb off of he pistols hammer. What a difference! I have been practicing always ‘looking ahead’ in just my normal riding and I think my horses know it as ‘they’ seem to be loping smoother. If your clinic would have been twice the money, it would have still be worth more than that! With all the investment just to get to the point of being ‘equipped’ to do the shooting, why not pay for the training to make it worth while with out having to re-invent the wheel.Everything you ‘said’ and ‘did’ and ‘showed’ me (even if I could not do it yet) was a revelation to me! Thanks so much for putting on your clinic.Well take care Kenda, I’ll keep watching for you to break more records and rocking the Mounted Shooting World and seeing you beautiful face in the Rundown and Shooting Horses Mags.! ………and maybe the Silver Screen! : ))) Your humble admirer and biggest fan, Sid : )

Hi Kenda:
I just wanted to tell you Thanks a million for such a great clinic!!! I had a super time and learned a great deal!!! Thomas is doing well, we practice shooting a couple times a week, using some of the drills you showed us. He still flips his head a little but is doing better:) Thanks again!!!

Thanks again and have a great day!!!