What makes this gun leather different than all the rest? Each holster in the entire collection is hand made and fitted for single action .45 revolvers in both 3.5” to 4.75” barrel lengths and feature a funnel top for quick holstering. Designed with a strong side ten degree cant and cross draw twenty degree cant in both right and left hand versions set the holsters in position for an easy gun change. The holsters feature built-in steel reinforcements that allow the holster to keep its open shape and reliability for life. There is a hidden screw allowing tension adjustment for both Colt and Ruger models located on the back of the holster. The holsters are also uniquely designed allowing the trigger guard to be exposed for a more efficient draw. This enables the shooter to seat the gun in hand firmly on the draw without having to jog the gun to get a strong grip. The two piece belt system features side buckles for easy adjustment and less bulk around the rider’s waist. The belt also features a 1.5” drop front which helps keep the rider’s core low and balanced on the horse while exchanging guns. The back piece features a wide back support that provides proper fit, comfort and holds the belt securely in place.