A World and National Champion

In 2009, Kenda became the first and only woman in CMSA history to win the Overall at a World Championship. Just six months later in April 2010, she again made history by becoming the first woman to win the Overall at the National Championship. In 2012, she repeated this victory by winning the Overall National Championship again.  She again won the Overall World Champion Cowgirl title in 2015 and 2017, on two different horses,  and the High Overall at the National Championship in 2018.

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  • 2018 Overall World Champion Cowgirl
  • 2018 Overall National Champion
  • 2018 Overall Western US Champion Cowgirl
  • 2017 Overall World Champion Cowgirl
  • 2017 Overall Western US Champion Cowgirl
  • 2017 CMSA Overall National Champion Cowgirl
  • 2017 CMSA Overall Winter US Champion Cowgirl
  • 2014 CMSA Overall World Champion Cowgirl
  • 2012/2013 CMSA Western US Champion
  • 2012 CMSA Overall National Champion
  • 2012 CMSA Winter Champion
  • 2011 CMSA Central US Overall Champion
  • 2010 CMSA Overall National Champion
  • 2009 CMSA Overall World Champion


A Consummate Instructor

Not only is Kenda one of the top competitors in the sport, but she is also a highly respected horse trainer and riding instructor. With her proven horse and student-training program, clients from all points of the United States enroll each year to build their skills and increase performance.

Take the next step and join one of Kenda’s training programs. You and your horse will understand what sets her apart from anyone else in the sport.

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A Signature Brand Endorsee

In addition to Kenda’s busy schedule of competition and training, she is also an accomplished brand endorsee with her own line of Circle Y Saddles, Professional Choice Bits, a collection of mounted shooting gun holster rigs with Safariland’s Bianchi Cowboy brand, and a line of competitive revolvers with Uberti Firearms.

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